The Acquisition of Strategic Knowledge

Thomas R. Gruber (1989). The Acquisition of Strategic Knowledge. San Diego: Academic press, 1989. ISBN:0-12-304754-4.

The PhD thesis turned into a book.

Publisher’s abstract: 

The Acquisition of Strategic Knowledge deals with the automation of the acquisition of strategic knowledge and describes a knowledge acquisition program called ASK, which elicits strategic knowledge from domain experts and puts it in operational form. This book explores the dynamics of intelligent systems and how the components of knowledge systems (including a human expert) interact to produce intelligence. Emphasis is placed on how to represent knowledge that experts require to make decisions about actions. The move toward abstract tasks and how tasks are solved are discussed, along with their implications for knowledge acquisition, particularly the acquisition of expert strategies.
This book is comprised of eight chapters and begins with an overview of the knowledge acquisition problem for strategic knowledge, as well as the relevance of strategic knowledge to artificial intelligence. The next chapter describes a dialog session between the ASK knowledge acquisition assistant and the user (“”the expert””). The discussion then turns to software architecture with which to represent strategic knowledge; design and implementation of an assistant for acquiring strategic knowledge; and approaches to knowledge acquisition. Two applications of the ASK system are considered: to evaluate the usability of the elicitation technique with real users and to test the adequacy of the strategy rule representation upon which the approach is dependent. The scope of ASK, its sources of power, and its underlying assumptions are also outlined.
This monograph will be a valuable resource for knowledge systems designers and those interested in artificial intelligence and expert systems.