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Tom says he can’t draw, but he loves to create images with light and composition. Privileged with the time to travel to beautiful places in the world, he brings home colorful memories to share. His passion is nature photography, where he tries to capture the natural beauty of, well, nature. From the ground, the air, and underwater.

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Conservation Photography

Creating Empathy for Life in the Ocean

William Shakespeare wrote, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” If there has ever been a time when we need to start thinking of the world as kin, it is now. The ocean is a truly global commons, owned by no one and benefiting everyone. But life in the ocean is in peril — serious near-term peril. We need a wave of global awareness about what is happening and how to turn it around. But people will only protect something if they know that it matters. If they love it, they may act to save it. Tom is in love with life in the ocean, and is privileged to travel around the world to dive in places where marine life still thrives. With his underwater photography and video, he hopes to bring back and share what he sees, to create empathy and connection with the ocean. One touch of nature, one beautiful image, can remind us that we are all kin, and will help us realize that the ocean is our inheritance to enjoy and our legacy to preserve.

Colorful Lives: Photographic Stories from the Ocean | EG Conference | Carmel, CA | May, 2015
Experience the colorful lives of underwater animals through the lens of art photography. Learn about the surprising sex lives of famous animated fish, the bizarre mating habits of punk-rock nudibranchs, and the majestic grace of the largest fish in the ocean. See the adorable playfulness of sea lions up close, and then consider the message they have for us about our relationship to the ocean.

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