SHADE: Technology for Knowledge-based Collaborative Engineering

James G. McGuire, Daniel R. Kuokka, Jay C. Weber, Jay M. Tenenbaum, Thomas R. Gruber, and Greg R. Olsen. (1993). SHADE: Technology for knowledge-based collaborative engineering. Journal of Concurrent Engineering: Applications and Research (CERA)1(2), 1993.

Abstract: Effective information sharing and decision coordination are vital to collaborative product development and integrated manufacturing. However, typical special-purpose CAE systems tend to isolate information at tool boundaries, and typical integrated CAE systems tend to limit flexibility and process innovation. The SHADE (SHAred Dependency Engineering) project strikes a balance between these undesirable extremes by supporting reconfigurable exchange of engineering knowledge among special-purpose CAE systems. SHADE’s approach has three main components: a shared knowledge representation (language and domain-specific vocabulary), protocols supporting information exchange for change notification and subscription, and facilitation services for content-directed routing and intelligent matching of information consumers and producers.