PACT: An Experiment in Integrating Concurrent Engineering Systems

Mark Cutkosky, Robert S. Engelmore, Richard E. Fikes, Thomas R. Gruber, Michael R. Genesereth, William S. Mark, Jay M. Tenenbaum, and Jay C. Weber. (1993). PACT: An experiment in integrating concurrent engineering systems. IEEE Computer26(1), 1993, pp. 28-37.

Reference: Cutkosky, M. R.Engelmore, R. S.Fikes, R. E.Genesereth, M. R.Gruber, T. R.Mark, W. S.Tenenbaum, J. M.; & Weber, J. C. PACT: An Experiment in Integrating Concurrent Engineering Systems. 1993.

Abstract: The Palo Alto Collaborative Testbed (PACT) is a joint experiment in concurrent engineering being pursued by research groups at Stanford University, Lockheed, Hewlett-Packard, and Enterprise Integration Technologies. The current prototype integrates four preexisting concurrent engineering systems into a common framework. Each of the individual systems is used to model different aspects of a small robotic manipulator, and to reason about them from a different discipline (dynamics, digitial electronics, and software). The initial PACT experiments have explored knowledge sharing in the context of a distributed simulation and simple incremental redesign scenario.

Notes: Submitted February 1993.