The Intraspect Knowledge Management Solution: Technical Overview

Thomas Gruber (1998). The Intraspect Knowledge Management Solution: Technical Overview.

Our first technical whitepaper, describing the Intraspect vision and how it was implemented.

Original abstract: The Intraspect Knowledge Management System provides a collaborative environment for knowledge work where people search for, collect, organize, share and collaborate around information. As they work in this environment, their work is captured and maintained as a group memory, making it available for knowledge sharing and reuse. Intraspect’s group memory contains only the information that has been put to use, and it captures the context of its use — who collected it, when it was used, for what task, how it was combined with other information, and what people in the organization said about it. The Intraspect solution is a comprehensive integration of intranet technologies for creating, working in and harvesting a group memory: distributed object storage, full text search, desktop integration, web publishing, email processing and distribution, agent-based monitoring, and brokering to other intranet services. Information in the Intraspect repository includes documents on desktops and file systems, static and dynamic web pages on remote servers, email from any Internet-compatible client or server, and any other information source served by the Internet standards HTTP or SMTP.