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Tom Gruber Articles, The Future of the Virtual Assistant, Nasdaq at Silicon Slopes 2020
The Future of the Virtual Assistant | Nasdaq at Silicon Slopes 2020
Josh Machiz talks with Tom about AI, Siri and the future of the virtual assistant.
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Tom Gruber in conversation with John Markoff, TEDx Beacon Street
A Conversation about Conversational AI | TEDx Beacon Street | JFK Presidential Library Boston, November 17, 2008.
In this conversation between Siri designer Tom Gruber and NY Times writer John Markoff, we hear about the state of the art in Conversational Artificial Intelligence…
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Tom Gruber Articles, Your Phone Knows You Too Well, Interview for Willamette Week
Your Phone Knows You Too Well. Tom Gruber Knows Why | Interview for Willamette Week
Call Gruber an optimist. He thinks the same algorithms that prey on our bad habits can be used to encourage good ones …
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Lifescore Visualizer and Matt in Twitch/Artificial
This AI Maestro Wants to Serenade You | by Steven Levy | Wired | May 20, 2020
How does LifeScore do it? It starts, like any music, with a human creator. Both Sheppard and Gruber are emphatic that they do not want ...
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Tom Gruber Interview, LifeScore Debut on, Artificial Show
LifeScore Debut | | Artificial Show
As the guest of showrunner Bernie Su, Tom demonstrated music being automatically adapted in real time for the first time ever…
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For tech companies, ‘humanism’ is an empty buzzword. It doesn’t have to be. | By Kirsten Ostherr | Washington Post
Tom Gruber of Apple describes Siri as “humanistic AI — artificial intelligence designed to meet human needs by collaborating [with] and augmenting people …”
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John Werner | Managing Director, Link Ventures, Human Super Connector
"Tom is amazing, a once-in-a-lifetime special person I feel lucky to have met. He’s a thought leader, “super” polymath, inventor and entrepreneur, with heart and intellect in equal measure. He is always insightful on how things were, how they are now, and how they could be -- and should be. I have interviewed him a number of times and always learn profound things. Tom is an A+ public speaker, simply the best in any situation, from keynotes to fireside chats to one-on-on interactions. I have had him speak on humanistic AI, ethics and technology, the impact of AI on society, and advice to start-ups and investors. He puts everyone at ease, and we all come away learning more."